Why Techlab Mildura?

We are a local team of trained and experienced professionals who are well aware of the latest technologies that are used in smartphones, computers and technology. Whether you have an old model or the latest model Smartphone, tablet or computer, we are able to help you out.

With years of vast experience we are able to provide professional and quick repairs, support and answers for even the most difficult repairs and questions.

Call us on 03 5022 2592
Visit us in-store at 58 Lime Avenue, Mildura 3500.

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Phones: iPhone • Samsung • Sony • LG • HTC • Huawei • Oppo • Google
Tablets: iPad • Galaxy Tab
Computers: all makes and models

If you don't see you're device listed call us and we can let you know if we can repair it.
The world's easiest, fastest, and most affordable protection for any mobile device. Preserve and protect your precious memories and data from water damage with NanoFlowX. Without taking the mobile device apart, our automated process uses an invisible coating to protect against water.

And it only takes 5 Minutes!
Techlab (Previously known as Comput-ed) is located at 58 Lime Avenue in Mildura. With years of experience fixing phones, tablets and computers.
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Our Services

PC/Mac Repairs

Techlab has years of experience in Computer repairs, in both home and office enviroments.

Phone/Tablet Repairs

We can assess and repair most make/model phones and tablets.

Computer & Phone Sales

Techlab is always on the market to bring you the best new and refurbished hardware for the best price! Pop in-store to see whats avaliable today!

Servers and SOHO Networks

Servers: From a simple file server to a full network controller, Techlab has the experience to get you going.
SOHO Networks: If you're outfitting a new office or looking to upgrade your existing one, we can help!


Techlab offers onsite services for home and business. If its too big of a job to bring in store give us a call.


We have a full range of Phone/Tablet Cases, Chargers and Cables, Screen Protectors, Keyboards, Mice, Laptop Bags and much much more!

Mildura Victoria 3500

58 Lime Avenue, Mildura
Mon-Fri 8:30am to 5:30pm
Sat 9:00am to 2:00pm